Your SaaS Apps Organized Around You

Whether your group uses 1 or 100 SaaS Apps, SaaSConsole organizes and automates them for you.

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Fast & Easy SaaS Management

If you get annoyed with time-consuming tweaks to SaaS apps, adding/removing people, test apps, then you need SaaSConsole, we automate those mundane tasks!

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Get Value in Minutes

Setting-up SaaSConsole is fast and easy and then we manage the SaaS apps for you.

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Learns By Your Actions

With every change you make, SaaSConsole learns. Then it can start recommending and automating tasks.

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Total Visibility

SaaSConsole shows you what your group members are doing with the various SaaS apps, making sure you’re getting value from each one.

How SaaSConsole

Revolutionizes Your SaaS Experience

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A Real Time Saver

Every change you make to your organization (hire/fire, change jobs, promotions, etc.) you can face hours of mundane changes to all of the applicable SaaS apps, SaaSConsole does all of that for you!

Learns & Recommends

You could invest a huge amount of time building complex and inflexible rules…but why? SaaSConsole learns as you use it and then starts recommending and automating actions based on how you use it.

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The fast & easy way to manage SaaS apps for your group, department, or small business.

Sure SaaSConsole can scale to any size business, but it’s optimized for starting small, avoiding the heavy-handed top-down approach.
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